UHT Milk (Tetra Pak): Safe, Nutritious & Healthy!

UHT Milk (Tetra Pak): Safe, Nutritious & Healthy!

Ultra-heat-treated or UHT milk is a physical process in which milk is heated to temperatures of up to 150 °C for several seconds, which is then packaged aseptically. This destroys microbes and deactivates enzymes while preserving the flavor, taste, and nutritional value of the milk – giving it extended shelf life.

Like fresh milk, long life milk is nutritionally sound. It is a rich source of high- quality proteins, calcium, vitamins B2 & B12, phosphorus, and potassium. There are no meaningful changes in the UHT milk nutritional value as a result of pasteurization.

1. The calcium content of ultra pasteurized milk does not effect.
2. After ultra heat treatment, minerals remain the same. However, there is a minimal change when it comes to vitamins.
3. Shelf-stable milk has slightly lower levels of vitamins B12 & B6.

UHT milk can be stored for up to six months on the shelf without refrigeration. However, it needs to be refrigerated immediately, once you open it. Then it can be enjoyed normally like fresh milk within seven days of opening. Since Tetra Pak milk doesn’t require refrigeration until opened, it may be better for the environment.

Long life milk or UHT milk can be enjoyed alone as a beverage or used to prepare soups, sauces, and desserts. Aseptic milk can be mixed with fresh fruit and ice cubes in a blender to make a healthy and delicious smoothie.
Shreemant UHT milk has many features and benefits that make it more appealing for use.

1. No need to boil
2. Virtually zero bacteria
3. Easy to use and carry while travelling
4. No need to refrigerate till opening
5. Cut open and drink
6. Tetra Pak container packaging
7. No preservatives & chemicals added during manufacturing

Shreemant Dairy offers UHT milk in 3 variants, viz—Gold, Taaza, and Slim which are ideal for home & commercial use.

Shreemant Gold

Shreemant gold is standardized milk. This UHT milk shelf life is 180 days when stored in a cool and dry place — ideal for the preparation of sweets and desserts.

Shreemant UHT Milk Gold Tetra Pack

Shreemant Taaza

Shreemant Taaza UHT milk has a shelf life of 180 days from the date of packaging when stored in a cool and dry condition with ambient temperature. It is best to prepare tea and coffee as well as sweets and desserts.

Shreemant UHT Milk Taaza tetra Pack

Shreemant Slim

Shreemant Slim is low-fat UHT milk. It is excellent for people having heart and blood pressure related problems as well as health & weight conscious people. The shelf life is 180 days when stored in a cool and dry place.

Shreemant UHT Milk Slim Tetra Pack

Indians have been consuming dairy products in loose form. Increasing health & safety concerns has shifted consumption from loose milk towards value-added products. People are now moving towards packaged milk amid coronavirus outbreak. Ultra pasteurized milk gives you complete goodness and freshness of milk with all vital nutrients essential for human growth. UHT milk is a great choice — safe, nutritious, and healthy to consume!

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