Whole Milk Powder

Whole Milk Powder Specifications

Parameter Limit
Appearance Granular powder free from lumps
Flavor & Taste Sweet, pleasant & Desirable
Moisture (%) Max. 3.00
Total Solids (%) Min. 97.00
Titratable Acidity (% L.A.) Max.1.26
Fat (%) 26.0 Min.
Insolubility Index (ml) Max. 0.10
Protein (%) (by Kjeldahl’s method) 24.0 Min.
Total Ash (%), On dry basis Max. 7.3
Powder Grade Max. Disc – B
SPC/g Max. 20,000
Coli form/0.1 g Absent
Yeast & Mould /g <10
E. coli/0.1 g Absent
Anaerobic Spore Count/g ** Absent
Salmonella/25 g ** Absent
Shigella/25 g ** Absent
S. aureus/0.1 g ** Absent
Listeria monocytogens/g ** Absent


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Packing Sizes

Kraft Paper Bags with poly liner: 25 kg Bag.

Product Features

  • Whole milk powder is a good source of essential minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium as well as vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • Whole milk powder acts as a supplement in drinks, shakes, and puddings to provide extra calcium.

Product Description :

  • Made from Pure Buffalo’s milk by spray-drying.
  • Creamy white in color.
  • Granular powder free from lumps and scorched particles.
  • Pleasant aroma and clean.

Raw Material Used

Skimmed Milk


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