Shreemant Ghee
5 KG



  • Product quantity: 5 Kilograms, Packaging: Steel tin
  • Made from fresh butter.
  • Fresh aroma with granular texture
  • Best before 9 months from packaging date


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SFPL Specifications

Moisture Content (% by mass)0.30 Max.
B.R. Value40.0 – 43.0
R.M. Value28.0 Min.
Free Fatty Acids value (as % Oleic acid)0.500 Max.
Baudouin Test (B.T.)Negative
Mineral Oil TestNegative


Packing Sizes

15Kg, 5Kg, 5 Litre, 1 liter, 5ooml, 200ml.

Product Features

  • Buffalo Ghee is very healthy for our body.
  • Nutritional energy content in buffalo’s ghee is high, making it a good source of energy.
  • Consuming milk with ghee enhances digestive strength, bone power and stamina which are some major benefits of drinking milk with ghee.
  • Consuming ghee for skin whitening brings glow to the face and adds moisture to your skin.
  • Buffalo ghee nutrition contents are rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Buffalo Ghee benefits includes better digestion, weight loss and stress level reduction.
  • Especially in winters, consuming ghee provides the much needed warmth to the body and maintains healthy immunity.

Product Description :

It is white in colour with granular structure free from residues and other foreign particles.

Raw Material Used

Cooking butter

Additional information


1L x 12 Pouch
1L x 4 Pouch


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5 KG

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