Milk 1L
Taaza 3%


  • Ultra heat treated (140 C) homogenized milk
  • Aseptic Tetra Pak, premium grade milk
  • Best before 6 months
  • No refrigeration required until opened
  • Absolutely zero bacteria, perfect for small children


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SFPL Specifications

CompositionToned Milk, Vitamin A& D
Energy Value (kcal)35
Total Fat (g)3
Total Carbohydrate(g)5
Added Sugar(g)0.0
Vitamin A(mcg)75
Vitamin D(mcg)0.5
Shelf Life180 days when stored in cool and dry place
Storage ConditionCool and dry condition with ambient temperature


Packing Sizes

1 Litre

Product Features

  • Free from bacteria.
  • No need to refrigerate until open.
  • Cut open and drink UHT milk packaging.
  • Stays fresh up to 1 day after opening if kept in the refrigerator.
  • Easy to carry and use while travelling.
  • Packaged in pre-sterilized tetra pack containers.
  • No preservatives and chemicals.

Product Description

UHT milk is ultra-high temperature milk prepared by processing the milk at high temperatures to produce shelf-stable milk preserved with nutrients without adding any preservatives.

Additional information


1L Pouch, 1L Jar, 5kg Tin, 15kg Tin


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Taaza 3%

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