Cooking Butter

Product Specifications

Parameter Limit
Flavour & Aroma Clean, pleasant and free from objectionable taint or rancidity
Body and texture Firm at 16 °C, should not be greasy or oily. Should be compact and show a uniform granular surface on breaking
Colour Uniform without mottling stains or signs of curd
Moisture %(by mass) 18.0 Max.
Fat % (by mass) 80.0 Min.
Acidity (as FFA % oleic acid) 0.5 Max.
Curd % (by mass) 2.0 Max.
B.R. Value of fat 40.0 – 43.0
R.M. Value of fat 28.0 Min.
Baudouin Test (B.T.) Negative
Coli form per ml 10 Max.
Yeast and mould per ml Below 50


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  • Bulk Pack: Packed in HDPE liners and put into corrugated box.
  • Consumer Packs: Packed in butter paper and duplex and put into corrugated box.
  • Available in 20 kg box, 500g Bricks, and 100g Bricks.
  • Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing when stored under refrigeration at temperature below – 16 °C.


  • Made from pasteurized cream obtained from pure Buffalo’s milk.
  • White in color with uniform structure free from air pockets.
  • Pleasant aroma and clean.

Product Features

  • Cooking Butter is simple, natural part of your diet.
  • Butter contains Vitamins A, D and E, which keeps your hair, eyes and skin healthy.
  • Butter always adds a charm and texture to any food be it breads, parathas, vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Consuming best cooking butter can aid to a reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.


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