Myths and Facts- Tetra Pak Milk

As the world is moving towards value-added products, there’s a lot of talk going around about milk that comes in tetra packs. We often keep ourselves away from a glass of milk which can provide all vital nutrients essential for human growth because of the myths surrounding it. It is essential to confront them and clear the air about the Tetra Pak Milk.
The first question that pops in our mind is, “Is it the same as the normal milk?”
The answer is YES, and NO!
A Tetra Pak milk is just as good as the regular milk but with the perks of longer shelf life and effortless storage at room temperature. The milk is heated to a very high temperature for a brief period which is then stored in a six-layered tetrahedron-shaped plastic-coated paper carton- Tetra Pakwhile making sure the milk’s taste and nutrition are intact. Tetra Pak milk is a healthy choice with the following features and benefits-
• No need to boil
• Virtually zero bacteria
• No preservatives and chemical added during manufacturing
• Needs no refrigeration till opened
• Nutritionally sound
• Shelf life – 6 months at room temperature

Myth #1 Added preservatives

People have this misconception that if a milk or dairy product is unspoilt for long durations, it must be having preservatives.

Mith & Fact 1 - fact no1 is no preservatives and chemicals used in UHT milk

Fact-Tetra Pak milk has no added preservatives. A unique technique known as UHT Sterilisation is used to decontaminate the package, ensuring that there are absolutely no organisms left in the milk, which is then stored aesthetically. So, the perks of trouble-free handling and storing for long durations comes with no downside of preservatives.

Myth #2 Lacks nutrition

Tetra Pak milk is less nutritious than the normal milk.

Uht Mith & Fact 2 - fact no 2 is uht milk is rich in protein

Fact-Like fresh milk, long life milk is nutritionally sound. There are no meaningful changes in the nutritional value of Tetra Pak milk as a result of UHT Sterilisation.It is a rich source of high- quality proteins, calcium and essential vitamins.

Myth #3 Synthetic milk

Tetra Pak Milk is artificial imitation of natural milk.

Uht Mith & Fact 3 - Fact no 3 is Tetra Pak milk is not synthetic milk

Fact–Tetra Pak milk is not synthetic milk. Just like the local dairies, the milk for Tetra Pak is also collected from the udder of the cows. The cowsare fed with the best quality fodder and kept disease-free by closely monitoring them, thus producing better quality milk.

Myth #4 Tetra Pak milk is stale

Regular milk is ‘Pure and Fresh’ while the Tetra Pak milk is ‘Stale’.

UHT Mith & Fact 4 - fact no 4 UHT milk is bacteria free

Fact- Milk becomes stale when it is exposed to the external environment. In the case of Tetra Pak milk, all the work is done by a machine. Be it milking from the udders of the cows or moving the sterilised milk to the sealed pack, without ever being exposed to air or bacteria. Tetra Pak milk is in fact udder fresh and sterile when it reaches your kitchen.

Myth #5 Tetra Pakmilk needs boiling

You need to boil Tetra Pakmilk before consumption.

UHT Mith & Fact 5 - Fact no.5 you can buy uht milk online and just open and drink

Fact-Boiling Tetra Pak milk is redundant and causes loss of many complex B vitamins in addition to wastage of energy and resources. Since Tetra Pak milk has aseptic packaging in which UHT treated milk is transferred into pre-sterilised packages in a sterile environment. Thus, eliminating the risk of any contamination. Cut, open and drink milk straight out of Tetra Pak.

You can now make an informative decision and opt for Shreemant Tetra Pak milk without any second thoughts. Shreemant Tetra Pak milkcan be stored for up to six months on the shelf without refrigeration. It’s an excellent alternative to regular milk with many benefits that make it more appealing for use.

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